This is a page with courses for workouts from the Bronxville Running Store.

We apply these criteria for Routes:

  • Lightly-trafficked;
  • Well-lit;
  • Well-plowed.

Each of these Routes offers a place to run while there is snow on the ground (hence the “well-plowed” item). Many are defined by the terrain.  Some are hillier than others. In the end, one can get a fair chunk of distance in without going too far from home. If you need to know how far you went, a Garmin or similar device works, or just create your own map on Gmap-Pedometer.

We realize that there are limits to the usefulness of online maps for runners given the difficulty of bringing them along (even with a smartphone you don’t want to be stopping again and again even if there is an app for it).  We don’t mean to be too precise as to how you have to go. These are routes we’ve taken over time and we vary them. What you want to do is get a sense of the place.