It’s been well over a year since I posted anything. That is largely because my running, such as it is, is crap. Just when I start to feel decent, something breaks. Yesterday it was pain on the bottom of my right foot. So I’m in it-may-be-over mode.

But that’s not why I’m posting.

I’ve posted about Mary Cain. That was all a while ago. I’ve not been following her or, for that matter, running generally for a while. Today, though, the Times posted a video in which she speaks of her time with the Nike Oregon Project. It speaks for itself. There’s a nice cover story by Lindsay Crouse.

My only comment is that when I followed Cain, she showed amazing mental strength. Under a microscope, she came through, at least while in high school (whether on or not on the Bronxville team). Much as I get stressed–or used to at least–for the most inconsequential race, she had it all the time on big races and small. And she came through.

When I think of Mary Cain, I think of the first time I saw her. I was in my kitchen, watching on a laptop. She ran anchor for the B’ville 4 X 8. She gets the baton at 6:46: