It’s a beautiful spring day here in Westchester.

I went for a run this morning, and during it I thought of reviving this blog into the struggles of an aging runner. How long I continue this is anyone’s guess.

Today is Tuesday, May 18, 2021. The temperature is mid-60s and it is one of the first days this year where that can be said.

(Since I haven’t posted in a while, a note. I had my second Pfizer vaccine over a month ago—no side effects from either shot for me—so I go without a mask. I still wear a mask indoors and when in close contact with others, which is rare.)

My objective today was simply to run 14 minutes. That minutes, not miles. I have a struggle with relaxing. I’ve been walking 3 or 4 miles on alternate mornings, and yesterday I threw in a 1.1 mile run midway through. I got to 12 minutes of running at about an 8 minute pace on Sunday, concentrating on keeping it easy.

So, as I say, today’s goal was 14 minutes. I had an ache in my right ankle for about 10 strides after a minute or so, but it vanished. Still, I had my doubts that I could possibly get to 10 minutes let alone 14. “Keep it slow. Keep it slow.” I felt smooth enough and was not breathing too dramatically.

This, then, is my first entry in a while.