Today began with a simple hard walk of just under 4 miles.

There’s one of those little free libraries in a yard about a mile from me. I put a copy of Róisín Campbell there a while ago. I periodically check to see if it’s still there. It is. My marketing strategy is not going gangbusters.

Undeterred, I came upon a bunch of my songs. Before I wrote stories, I wrote songs. Several of my stories are taken from songs, most notably the novel Coming to Terms. This is a long, contemporary novel–it ends in the early days of Covid–and combines my running and law school experience with several romance threads. Plus a lot on New York and Westchester County. It grew from the song “Going to California,” but is flipped as one of the main characters comes from California to New York.

So I’m doing a book with lyrics. I’m going through them now.