An experiment: Why I Run, Why We Run.

A bit of poetry? Free verse, to be sure.

Talking to Myself; about whether I should run a marathon.

Obsessions and Like Us: On the running community.

Turning Points: Runs that tell you you can be a decent runner.

Sometimes You’re the Bug: One of the frequent Hamletian posts along the lines of “I Suck”/”I Don’t Suck.” Related: Micawber; Important Runs. Out of the Way.

Going All In: The down-side of racing: you can lose your shirt.

“What kind of runner would I be?”: a two-parter (one, two). Core values.

The Passenger: A magical, if too-infrequent, type of run.

The Other: This was done while I was pretty much limited to treadmill-running. Part of what keeps me going.

It’s 26.21875 Miles: Thoughts on the marathon.

Tree Pose/Vrksasana: Injuries and Recovery. This has come to mind in the context of recent discussions on footstrike.

Easy Run, with camera: A kind of day-in-the-life of where I most frequently run.

The Oasis: The track, with Haiku.

Charlie Spedding’s “From Last To First,” a review