Yesterday was spent trying to come up with an explanation for why I blew up so quickly in the Pelham Half. I think my explanation — that I paid a heavy price for going out too fast — is the correct one.

Doubts about my ability to race another HM were in my mind today. I headed to the trail and after feeling horrible early and wondering whether I’d get to 2, things quickly fell into place and I again felt fine and smooth and fast. I was a bit tired, sure, but it did not affect me. So I know I can do an HM, even though today was just a solid 8.

Over eight years ago, I wrote about the Micawber factor, i.e., a little too fast means disaster while a little too slow can do wonders. Perhaps it is better referred to as being in the Goldilocks zone, which is actually a term used in Astronomy, i.e., not too fast and not too slow but just right. As it was, yesterday found my too close to the Sun and I burned up.

The saga continues.