I did not realize how long it has been since I posted here. And I’ve nothing interesting to post now, but while doing my morning run I figured I’d try to post regularly about my daily runs. We’ll see how long that lasts.

In recent weeks, I’ve had issues with breathing, as in, I found myself taking breathes every two steps (right-left) and couldn’t get comfortable. Struggle, struggle, toil, and trouble. Slow it down. So I tried 5 short repeats on the street on Wednesday, about 200 meters each. I was able to get to 4 on Thursday morning and took yesterday off.

Today I wanted to get  to 5. So I concentrated on keeping it slow. So Mile 1 was as slow as I’ve ever done, 8:09, and that left me in a position to keep relaxed and not be breathing heavily. And so it went.

Until it didn’t. Just past Mile 4, and perhaps because of a quick turn to get across Route 22, things fell completely apart within a matter of a few strides. Suddenly I was in distress. But I was determined to keep going, no matter what the pace. I decided to cut the course and just get to 5. Fortunately, after a quarter mile, I started to feel not-so-horrible again and was able to finish strongly. So that was today’s run.