Tuckahoe High School (5.7 miles)

You can get an interactive copy of this Route at the above link.

This is our favorite cold/snow-on-the-ground spot. We’ve spent many a mile going up and down the streets near Tuckahoe High School. This is the area east of Ridge Street, between miles 2 and 3.5 on the map. There is a decent-sized grid and it’s pretty flat. There are any number of ways to get there, and this map has a couple of choices. We do not like Tanglewylde or Woodland as ways to get from Midland to Route 22 (White Plains Road) because they both have nearly blind turns, which are anathema to the purpose of describing routes.

Note that this has a stretch on White Plains Road. We’re not fans of running there. There is only one sidewalk, on the west side, and although it is better now several people there do not bother to shovel their sidewalks (although there won’t be a snowflake on their driveways). While we default to running on the sidewalk on that stretch, if there is snow we revert to the standard Run-Facing-Traffic directive. Because of the traffic volume, be careful. You’ll see that we get off of it as soon as we can.