The Leewood Route (5.5 miles)

You can get an interactive map by clicking on the above link.

Many Routes are defined by the terrain. On this Leewood one, as you head north, and particularly after crossing Main Street in Tuckahoe, you’re at the base of a ridge so that any turns to the right (toward Route 22) will send you up a decent hill. The Route is defined on the west by Sagamore/Columbus and the MetroNorth tracks behind them and on the north by the Leewood Country Club.

The Leewood Route is simple and has fewer turns than some of the others. One must briefly run on Midland Avenue (north of Avon) and cross Main Street and Fisher Avenue (in Tuckahoe). Marbledale Road, the key to this Route, is a commercial stretch with a fair amount of traffic, but it is wide and well-lit. You can see that the objective is to parallel a major road, such as Park Avenue vs. Midland and Oakland vs. Columbus Avenue. The traffic will be on those roads, not where you’re running.

This Route is basically an up-and-back. There are variants. This one has you running on an alternative to Marbledale heading south. It is, however, an object lesson in the local terrain as you’ll see a mighty hill up Fairview in Tuckahoe. So head to Sagamore perhaps. Again, experiment with what feels comfortable.