I’m out of (racing) action, but tomorrow is the final race in NYRR’s year-long club competition. Entering that race, the Men’s Masters competition is:

  • Warren Street: 128
  • Urban Athletics: 128

While there are those who find this competition quaint and silly and pretentious, (see, e.g., LRC), it creates intra- and inter-club bonding for the NYC-area folks. I’ve noted elsewhere recently that the series provides a focus for the non-marathon-centric folks. (While the NYC Marathon is one of the races that score, it is not more important than any other. (Being a Club-member has its advantages at that race, however, as those with certain times get to start in the “local competitive” group.) Double points are awarded in the August Club Championship five-miler.)

I’m well past contributing except as a back-up to a back-up. (With one more 50+, we’d be in pretty good shape; three score in that AG.) But there’s something about putting on a club singlet, however childish it might appear, and being part of that something larger.

So tomorrow we have JT and JS running CIM in Sacramento and Warren Street attempting to repeat as Masters Club Champions.

Edited to add: Results:

1 Warren Street S&AC 1:42:00

  • Paul Thompson 32:19
  • Jorge Pardo 34:04
  • Daniel Rupert 35:37

2 Urban Athletics 1:44:31

  • Matt Chaston 33:09
  • Adam Kuklinski 35:38
  • Richard Temerian 35:44