After reading Flo’s adventure in Philly — the race not the mouse — it was suggested that she run NY next year. As opposed to Chicago.

Anyhow, this got me thinking. What is the pace-line for various marathons? You don’t want the field at your pace to be too thin (which, admittedly, will never happen at NYC, Chicago, or Boston) so that you’re running by yourself. More immediately, you don’t want it to be too thick. I’ve seen photos of NY when there are masses and masses of people, looking like the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue at Christmas time. But this can be deceiving.

So I posted on Lets Run and sought input on the following:

  • How crowded — too many, too few, just right — have the marathons you’ve run been? Not overall, but where you were running; so we need the pace. I’m particularly curious as to where in the big city marathons the pace is such that there are too many people.

“Just Right” would be where you can run without obstruction after clearing the start for the duration, with no problems at the water stops (or, as NYRR calls them, “Fluid Stations”). So how about posting there or commenting here?