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This is a lazy post. Video.

Note the contrast with the picture at the top of the page. A change of seasons. You see the vehicles at the start of the video. Because there was a horse show going on, the lots were full so some people parked there.

For the record, today was the first time on this trail (or any trail) for months. Yesterday I got in 1:10 along the Bronx River Parkway path, which has been off-limits for a while, again with the snow. It looks like we’ve turned the corner. And I did see my first robin yesterday morning.

just how good these guys are:

Where I Run: Twin Lakes

Because this is one of my favorite places to run, I figure I’ll put it up. Note that the photo at the top of this site is from a spot in the video. Twin Lakes.

I’m able to get out in the morning now that I’ve moved my office to White Plains. I’ve long been an after-work runner, but with night falling earlier and earlier, and notwithstanding that I now have a treadmill, I’m relishing the chance to get out in the sometimes brisk morning air. Even better, I’ve been making regular runs to the Nature Study Trail (my page photo is where that trail meets the Twin Lakes trail).

Running Home to Nature Study 10-5-2009I consider this “my” trail. I’m on it within ten minutes of leaving home, passing over and by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Hutchinson River and Cross-County Parkways.

I ran into and briefly with CNR’s coach Adrienne Wald last week, not knowing she would cooking up a storm on the front-page of the Times a few days later, in “Plodders Have a Place, but Is It in a Marathon?” (She said, “It’s a joke to run a marathon by walking every other mile or by finishing in six, seven, eight hours,” And, “It used to be that running a marathon was worth something — there used to be a pride saying that you ran a marathon, but not anymore. Now it’s, ‘How low is the bar?’” I won’t address that issue at this point, but I will say that Adrienne, of WTC, does speak her mind.)

We ran past, as I’ve done on my own, someone I assume is a Kenyan running for Iona College. Talk about feeling old-and-slow.

So I’ve been mixing that type of run with my normal road run along the BRP path (on which I saw Jonathan S. loping along with enviable ease last week as well). There’s something peculiar about running there in the morning, see the cars heading up to White Plains, knowing I’ll be there in about an hour’s time.

I admit that it’s not been super easy to hop out of bed, and I’m not talking about pre-dawn. There are those — former teammates (and relay-mates) Jerri Lynn and Dave and Tavia come to mind — who seem to be able to (although I doubt it’s that easy for them), but I’ve found asking myself Charlie Spedding’s question — “How Much Do I Want It?” — has been doing the trick.

So home for a shower, dress, and out the door. I was a bit tired the first few times, but that seems to have passed as well. It is quite different, though, to have the run done with as I face the day. Quite nice.

I took my camera out to Twin Lakes, in Eastchester and New Rochelle. It’s one of my favorite trails (the photo on this page is from there). I took loads of photos, and then discovered that I could use Picasa to make a “movie,” albeit one consisting of slides. And I could upload it to YouTube. Here it is (and sorry about the scratchy audio):

Until last night, I planned on running the Rye Derby today. The temperature for today was expected to reach 88, although it actually got to 91. I was still OK with it, until I read of someone dying at the Nashville Half-Marathon. Were the race in the morning, I probably would have tried it, but a 1:45 start meant discretion was the better part of valor. (The More Marathon in CP was canceled and the More Half-Marathon was turned into a fun run.)

So I planned on an easy longish run, to be followed by watching the London Marathon. In the event, however, I awoke at about 4:30 and rather than going back to sleep elected to watch the race on-line. I’ll just note that the race was not as exciting as in the last couple of years, especially with Ryan Hall’s absence, and link to the Science of Sport’s review.

So at about 7:30 I headed out. Temp was just under 80, and I headed up the BRP path I referred to yesterday. This was the first warm day of the year, and I take some acclimating. So I went out very slowly. I started to feel very good and flowing, almost effortless. But I still kept it slow, or so I thought. My Garmin had me at 7:10 pace or a bit faster. Turn around at 45 minutes at Scarsdale Station, where the Path ends, 6.25 miles.

I started to pick it up a bit heading home, and this was my mistake. Although the stride was there, I was getting warm and struggling. I hadn’t stopped for water (or for anything for that matter) and I was anxious to get home. So I struggled, not with my form but with being spent. I stopped with just over a mile to go and walked and jogged home. The jogging was a bit of a problem because my shorts had given me something of a rash. Ouch.

NY Marathon? I am at the cusp of having to decide whether to enter NY. Back on December 1 I wrote my thoughts. May 1 is decision date. I realize I can enter and withdraw, but I need to start thinking seriously on the subject. Do I run? Today’s run actually leans me towards it since it was extremely flowing and relaxed, although not as intense as Friday’s 7.75 mile barnburner. And I was energized by this LetsRun thread in which the consensus is that more miles are what are needed, a sentiment with which I agree.

We’ll see.

As an aside, I have long been a fan of the NYC Marathon and have vouched for how well it is run. But while watching London and seeing how narrow the streets were, I twittered (yes, there were others doing the same) that it could get awfully tight, and someone noted the same thing about NY. I realized that my view of NY is colored by my being able to run clear of any traffic after about 100 meters. Not so for the people behind. So I twittered back that unless you’re going relatively quickly, I don’t see NY as being a place to get a decent time, simply because of the crowds in the race. Same is liklely true for all big-city marathons. So I understand why people do them for the experience.

Twin Lakes Photos. I posted Rockies photos yesterday. Today I stopped down at my favorite trail, Twin Lakes/Nature Study. This is a County trail on which I started running back in 1971. It’s about 1.25 miles from my house so I often run to it, and I’ve done long runs, including a 20-miler there. Here are some photos of the Twin Lakes portion. It’s a popular bridle path (there are two stables nearby), but the horsemen are polite and appreciate runners being respectful of them. It’s also a popular Iona College running site.

South of Lake, Heading East

South of Lake, Heading East

The Hutchinson River Parkway is to the right.
Twin Lakes, East Side, Heading North

Twin Lakes, East Side, Heading North

The Lake:
One of the Twin Lakes

One of the Twin Lakes

And heading west, with the Lake to the right. This is just north of the photo that I use at the top of my page.
Twin Lakes, South of Lake, Heading West

Twin Lakes, South of Lake, Heading West


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