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One of the amazing things about New York (meaning Manhattan) is the corner coffee-guy. Throughout the City, and particularly in the area of office buildings, there’s a cart on nearly every corner where coffee and donuts and pastries and bagels are sold.

What’s amazing is the memories of these guys. As I’ve moved offices, I’ve gone to several, and now that I’m at 42nd and Fifth, I go to Mohammed, who’s on the corner of 41st and Fifth, across from the library and its lions (the southern one is Patience, the northern Fortitude). Large coffee, $1.25. Before I’m in front of him, he’s started to pour. Same thing with other people. I don’t know how many people stop by each day, but somehow Mohammed knows the regulars names. Like “Cheers” writ large.

Here’s a 1997 Times article on Fahim Saleh, who had a cart at 41st and Lex (where that Con Ed pipe exploded last year). I don’t know if he’s still there.


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