I had fun at Tuckahoe. And I had a solid week, although two runs were cut short because of me dying. One was Saturday’s, which was supposed to be 12. It was humid, and I didn’t have it, so I stopped at 7.25 or so. And I just died on Friday. I haven’t had many such runs recently, so I don’t think they were a big deal.

I in part made up for them with today’s 9-miler at Twin Lakes. Six laps of the lake. I think that’s a first. Doing the same loop again and again, and again, is boring. But for some reason my brain can handle it. I would have been happy with 5, but knew I’d regret not at least trying 6. And while it hurt, I was never in great distress, although it was quite humid and drops were coming off the brim of my hat. For the week: 37.6.

After my runs on trails, I try to take a photo to update the Westchester Trails Facebook page. Generally it’s on the west side of Twin Lakes, and this gives a snapshot of the changing seasons. Today a small deer was on that stretch, and I got some photos. Hence the above. It’s looking north on the west side of Twin Lakes, north of the stable driveway.