It’s amazing, or at least interesting, that once you pass a certain fitness-threshold things change. For the better. At the risk of cursing myself, the runs become smoother and faster and runs themselves become something to look forward to.

Since my last, I’ve had a good stretch, with the exception of speed. I again headed to the Bronxville Track for tempos and again felt back pain, of a muscular sort, after 1000. So I did a bunch of 400s after that and marked it as “5 miles” in my log. The almost-exception was Sunday’s trail run, in which I thought of going for 6 laps, which is nine miles. After being super-dead early, I was fine and consistent until about 5 when I suddenly was tired. By 6, though, it was good. But, alas, I stopped just past 7 because of an ache on the outside of my left knee.

For the first time, I felt my shoes had gotten past their sell-by date. Those were my Brooks Pure Flow 4s, and they have no been retired. I was alternating them with Brooks Launch 4s and today bought a pair of Brooks Ravenna 8s. Both pairs are black, one with gray and the other with red Brooks logos. I bought them at the Bronxville Running Company (no website as far as I can tell). I hadn’t been there for a while after Bobby P. left as manager, but gave it a try with the Launches, and it did a good job and so returned today. Again, I thought it did a good job, including checking me out on the old treadmill (starting with super-neutral Nikes as a test of landing).

Oh, and on Saturday, I got to 10 for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long. On the streets, chiefly of Bronxville, with multiple street-laps. And perhaps it was the weather, but so much easier than the prior Saturday’s 8.5 with a 7:11 final mile. Go figure.