I headed back to the Rockies today. My objective was to get a relaxed run in. This I did, running with two Rivertown Runners. They must have thought me a bit creepy since I said very little during the entire run, which spanned 8 miles. First time that far in years. On a convoluted and hilly course. And a reasonable 8:37 pace which felt easy. I was never breathing very hard and felt fine on the climbs. I’ve a few aches now and in particular continued tightness in my upper right leg.

So for the week. with one day off, about 31 miles. A few runs ended early. For example, I was aiming for 7 yesterday along the Bronx River Parkway and felt fine until a sudden down-turn shortly after I turned at 3.5. I ended up doing 2 more miles to get home and feeling better as I did. But it was pretty warm/humid.

On the other hand, I felt quite relaxed on several other runs, having crossed a threshold last week-end with my 7.5. Suddenly 5 milers seem pretty simple.