Little things can make big differences.

For weeks I’ve been thinking of heading up to the Rockies on a Sunday, but was concerned about how far I’d be able to go. A couple of Sundays ago I ran 5.59 at Twin Lakes and I got nearly 6 last Saturday along the BRP. And I died in high humidity yesterday a bit shy of 5.

On the other hand, I’ve done a few speed sessions at the Bronxville track — 8 X 400 and then a 10 min tempo — but barely started last Thursday’s VCTC 5K when I pulled over because of an upper (right) leg pain. It was lingering but not disabling yesterday.

Still, Charlotte told me that Rivertown Runners went out on weekends at 8, and I confirmed this on its website. Today I decided to do it. As ever, I’ve been too fast on my easy days. On a somewhat meandering route that included the 13-Bridges switchback, I ran chiefly with Charlotte and her daughter Hilary. It warmed up as we went and I was tired, but am pleased to say that I made it 7.49 miles, only stopping in the final stretch with a sudden but not dramatic sciatic pain in my left butt. No point in pushing it. The pace was faster than I wanted. It was slower than I’ve been going on my own though; I find that a slower pace with a group feels harder than a faster pace alone. I don’t know why.

The point of today was to get a bit farther and be a bit slower, and I succeeded. I hadn’t run with people in quite a while and I hadn’t been at the Rockies in quite a while so this was good on both fronts. So all and all a good day and a good run, which I hope will ratchet my other runs up a hair.

I met some new people. I’ve been wondering about whether to join another club. While I like the VCTC folks, the last time I did a Saturday run with them I tripped on a railway tie and got a bit banged up — on the Old Putnam Trail — so I won’t be joining them. I though of New Ro Runners, which took over my former club Sound Shore, but its workouts appear to be a bit of a schlep. Rivertown, on the other hand, might work. Although it’s a twenty-minute drive to the Rockies, it’s worth making.

What’ll I do? We’ll see. For now, a few aches and pains and sitting on the porch looking forward to tomorrow’s run.