It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a runner in the final stages of a race will hurt like the dickens. It will not matter how fast she is, she will hurt.

And so it was for me. I had two objectives in my Bronxville 2.5 miler. Run sub-7 pace and not stop. The course has a couple of short but steep hills in the first mile and a couple of steepish downhills and a flat-to-slightly-downhiil finish to the track, after a brief trip into my native Tuckahoe, at the bottom of the hill where I grew up. Plus I’ve run parts of it thousands of times.

I felt a bit out of place in my Warren Street singlet, but my thinking was that if I going to race I might as well do it properly. Lining up with lots of kids at the front, most of whom will be passed in short order. I only knew one person there, Charlotte Rizzo, and I happened to run next to her at the start. I then was ahead of her but she passed me and opened up on those downhills. She would remain in sight for the duration.

I was breathing heavily in the first mile, recovering from the ups, and went through at 7:02. Since my goal was to go out easy, yet I was still hurting since I had not run that fast in well over a year, I figured I could get my sub-7 pace. One slight hill just past 2, and the sight of police-car lights, after which I know they’ll be a slight down to the track. I so much wanted to stop. I didn’t. As we hit the track for the final 200, a bunch of kids passed me. Charlotte was ahead, and I was in neither the mood nor the shape to bother picking it up.

So with a 16:48 for 2.46 a 6:50 pace. And it hurt. I hadn’t raced since the Nov. 2015 Mam’k Turkey Trot and this was only a 2.5 miler. Of course, my longest run in the past six months has been 4 miles so I’ve got upside. But I need to accept the reality that although I’ve slowed down, the hurt is still there. (I was 1st in my AG (which is 60 and over). There were two people in the AG group. Not the most-competitive race. I would have been 2nd in 50-59 and 3rd in 40-49.)