I’m going to try posting on the 50+ page at LRC, a page for people 50 and up to post what and how they’re doing. Here’s my first post:

I’ve not posted here before but I figure the act of posting may keep me honest. I’m 57 (58 in a month). Been running since 1970. Live just north of the Bronx, near where I grew up. The last few months have been ups-and-downs with little injuries creating problems. But hope, springing eternal as it does, keeps me going. I hope to race again if I can get some consistency. I’ll be brief, with some color given this as my first time. Good weather all week, especially today.

Monday: Nothing (planned)
Tuesday: 5 easy in the morning. I’d been getting lackadaisical about these, but I have to do them to get mileage in.
Wednesday: Nothing (planned)
Thursday: 5 easy in the morning.
Friday: 5 in the evening. This was a run to the Bronxville track, 10 laps, and then home. I frequently do Friday runs there because I like the rhythm I get into. Because I don’t run at night (the consequence of a post-broken-elbow ban from 2008), I’ll often drive to the track and do an easy 20 laps on most Fridays. Those runs remind me of the many times I did 4 loops of the Reservoir in the winter, flat and a solid pace.
Saturday: I worked at a local race [this was the Bronxville 2.2 and 5 miler, and I volunteered to work with NYCRuns on it] and ran around a lot. In the late afternoon, having poured myself a glass of wine and some snacks I knew I’d regret not going out so going out I did, getting in a relaxed 5 in a light sprinkle. Then I had the wine, etc.
Sunday: There’s a local trail to which I can run (it’s about 1.25 miles away) but I like to be able to get the full trail-experience so I often drive to a stable lot and head out, which I did today. There’s a “lake” with a 1.67 or so loop and then a 1.5 mile stretch. I start with the loop and the out-and-back stretch — so 4.7 — and then the trepidation is how many loops I can then put in. Last week I ran with someone and we got one extra loop. Today my objective was to do two and that’s what I did feeling pretty fresh throughout with a fast final mile. Not so fast as it might have been a few years back, but these things are relative, and I was very pleased with today’s effort.