This is a non-running post.

I didn’t realize that it was so long ago, but in February 2013 I posted about taking up the bass. Then I did posts on writing and performing with a large group of acoustic players just over a year ago. Well I’ve been doing a lot of playing recently. Craig’s List is a means to get together with others, and I’ve played the bass with a number of people. I learned that I don’t like to play with drums. (It’s the noise and the subsequent ear-ringing.) 

I may have found a potential band position with a couple of acoustics playing original stuff. Maybe gigs beginning in November. One of the fantasies is playing in a band. 

I’ve also written a lot of things. I particularly like coming up with some lines and not knowing where they will lead. It feels creative. Notwithstanding my voice, I’ve put many of them on a SoundCloud page. I think the most-recent ones are the better of them, The Call, Visit, 31 (the latter being a song for my anniversary). Slipping into some of the recent ones is a piano. I’ve gotten a “studio piano” — an electric piano that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles just a limited number of tones. I’m trying to figure that out and integrate it into my things.