I haven’t had much to say on the running front recently. A continuation of the ups-and-downs of the last few months. Today was simply three laps of Twin Lakes, maybe 5 miles. Felt good.

Speaking of 5 miles, the Tuckahoe Challenge — a one-miler followed by a five — is in two weeks. I won’t be able to do it. There’s also a race the day before in Bronxville and apparently going into Tuckahoe and Yonkers as it meanders up the Bronx River Parkway path. While one can register via NYCRuns, the “race” page has no information except for trying to have people pledge to the cause behind the race, although the cause comes before the race. Whatever.

I’m pleased that we’re beginning to get some chit-chat on the WestchesterTrails Facebook page, which is its purpose, see if people want to get together, etc. On the other hand, I gave up on the monthly Rockies Run. The numbers had whittled down until there didn’t seem to be a point. Plus I have not been ready to run any distance up there.

Being lazy, I did a video this morning: