I’ve worked long and hard and, I think, successfully at establishin4g myself as a curmudgeon, and an elitist one at that. Every once in a while, though, something pops up that emphasizes the broad, communal nature of the sport.

On RunnersRoundTable last week (I was not involved) , a number of folks told their Boston stories, stories that exposed how important the Boston Marathon is to many people generally and how this Boston had particular meaning to three people.

RunnersRoundTable: Boston 2014

Running-wise, things have been moving along. I spent a couple of days out at Sag Harbor, and got in one very-nice run and yesterday in the humidity I made it to one of my landmarks, Hearney Road on the BRP. Week-by-week I work my way up. Scarsdale Road, Crestwood Station, Leewood. When I get to (and from) Hearney Road I feel I’ve gotten to a solid place. As noted in the following video, it was a run I needed to finish for my confidence. It wasn’t that fast, but I felt it late. So I followed it with a nice 47 minutes at Twin Lakes/Nature Study. 8 X 400 last Sunday afternoon with a 40-second rest between. Next up: Bronxville 2.5 miler on the Saturday before Memorial Day.