It is April 21 and I am on the porch. The annual ritual of mopping and schlepping furniture and cushions is over.

And it is Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts which means it is the day of the Boston Marathon. A strange men’s race in which the supposed big-guns allowed Meb to go off the front and realized way to late that, you know, he has a silver medal and a NYC Marathon win and just might not be coming back to us and he  didn’t and he won. I thought he was toast but he actually ran the final 2+K 3 seconds than his main chaser, Wilson Chebet. It was, per Ross Tucker of Sports Scientists, also  seconds faster than Rita Jeptoo ran that same stretch. She got the winner over Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia and the Bronx, who clocked 2:19:59.

CAM00580I’m not doing another marathon but watching a race like that seems an impetus for putting the effort to race again. I see the hundreds and thousands of runners streaming through the start and they all look so much faster than I feel. That’s silly, I know, but it also motivates.

I’ve been trying to connect some of the dots. We start from the fact that I ran a 15K at a pace only 15 secs/mile faster than I’ve been able to go during a work-out — solo or with others — for 10 miles, runs that were not easy but in which I had a good deal of pop over the final stretch. This tells us that the ability to go quick (speaking relatively) is still there, and the question is how to get there. We also have that it’s the legs and not the lungs that are hurting. Sure, I’m breathing heavily at times but am not getting  cooked in that regard. No, it’s the legs.

My thought is that I need to get the legs moving. I’ve done a number of tempo runs, at sub-6:30, but those too are slowed by leg-heaviness. All of which seems to suggest to me that I should return to the process that worked back in the Sound Shore days of including a fair number of repeats — as Daniels uses the term — at this point in the cycle. This means fast (relatively speaking) 200s and 400s and (maybe 600s to get the legs working efficiently. This is at least my theory.

So tomorrow, down to the track.

Racing-wise, I’m still undecided. I think I will do the NYRR Portugal Run, a scored-race in June. Before then, there are a few 5Ks in Westchester and environs that I might do. I realize that to get myself where I want to be, I need to focus and get serious. Watching all those swift folks in Boston may help get me there.