Last Sunday’s Scarsdale 15K recalled for me one of the highlights of my involvement with the Sound Shore Running and Multi-Sport Club, or SSRMC. It was a club created by Lisa Hamm-Greenwalt in Mamaroneck. Its membership consisted chiefly of runners (and triathletes) along the Sound, largely from New Rochelle to Rye with a splattering of folks from nearby.

Southern Westchester has long had a dominant club, the Westchester Track Club, and I’ve known and liked many of its members. But while I was running with the CPTC track group, I became involved as a “non-member” with SSRMC, becoming its newsletter editor/creator. When my track-running emphasis was gone — due largely to a series of bad injuries I attributed to my track/speed focus — I decided to join SSRMC and become involved. This meant heading to the weekly 5+ mile run in Larchmont Saturdays at 8 and then my volunteering to be the coach for Tuesday-night sessions at Mamaroneck High School. (An aside: the M’neck track was unusual in that it consisted of 4 equal segments. It had four short straights and a tree on the infield. As with the space-limits of the B’ville and New Rochelle HS (it’s 350 meters), M’neck had a baseball diamond in the infield. It had two goal-posts. They were at right angles to one another. We were forever having difficulty with people watching baseball games, sometimes putting lawn chairs in Lane 1. I would, politely (I thought) ask them to move. I was sometimes compelled to be, um, less than polite.)

I used my volunteering as a coach as an excuse to develop my own training plan, using Daniels’s Running Formula. But I designed the workouts for all, with the paces varying by people’s speed. We had a good solid core of regulars, of varying abilities but of (so I thought at the time) similar perspectives, i.e., to be the best runner I can be. I put the workout up every week on the (since-departed) club message board.


The Larchmont 5K, 2006, with Gregg Rubin on my right

I enjoyed it. The highlight was the Scarsdale 15K in 2007. The club had new adidas singlets in a dark blue. It had a high turn-out at the race, or I should say races, since many ran the 4-miler that began 15 minutes before the 15K. We cleaned up on the awards, and I think R received the first award she had ever gotten.

That was one of the two highlights for me at SSRMC. We appeared at a race as a club and performed well and I felt personal satisfaction in thinking that the performances were due in part to the training program I had pursued with them.

The other highlight? 2006’s and 2007’s Reach-the-Beaches in September of those years. A bunch of mostly old (two of our number, G and E, were just kids) suburban folks selected because they wanted to do it and captained by T. We finished 29th and 21st, respectively.

I left the Club when tensions among various schools-of-thought on just how seriously we should take this stuff came to the fore. Indeed, that 2007 RTB was the beginning of the end as those tensions began percolating to the service on the long drive home. In the end SSRMC disappeared when it was taken over by NewRo Runners in 2012. A number of my friends are with that club now. (The SSRMC website is long gone.)

It was sad not to see many Westchester-club jerseys in Scarsdale, including from NewRo Runners. I don’t recall a one.