Things did not look good early Friday evening. Running on the B’ville track I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle. I immediately stopped and walked home. But I feared that the Sunday Rockies Run — it’s the last Sunday of the month — would be undoable. So no run on Saturday.

I decided not to test it before driving up, figuring that would tempt fate. I also thought that if it turned out to be a problem, I could still go to breakfast.

This despite the forecast of rain, rain, and more rain.

But the rain had stopped by the time I had gotten up. But the radar was ominous as it showed a new  bit of rain scurrying across Philly and headed our way. It looked like even if we could start in the dry we’d end in the wet.

I arrived and we had a group of 5, with Paul, Bobby, Chris (from the Greenwich RC), and Mike (from the B’ville RC). Off we went. I struggled from the get-go although it wasn’t that fast. First mile was very tough for me. After that, though, I relaxed. No signs of ankle pain. There were muddy spots, but not like the mud on, say, Twin Lakes where there are pools of the stuff through which you have to run. No, just some narrowing of the running surface. Paul, Bobby, and I fell into a nice rhythm behind Chris and Mike. Paul has done 19 yesterday so having sown his wild oats he was restrained. Bobby was his typical loping self.

In the end we hit only one major hill — 13-Bridges (going clockwise) — and while it was a bit of a struggle up I was aided by the knowledge of the nice, gradual descent on the way down. There are a couple of other hills on the course, which took us up around Swan Lake via the Red Farm, where we saw two calves, but not the lung-wrenching sort. And it stayed dry for the duration, and has remained so. Shorts and a long-sleeve NYCRuns shirt was perfect. I learned my lesson from last Saturday, when I overheated in tights with a temp in the 40s. F.

We finished easily, just over 10 at 1:15 or so. That’s the longest timewise I’ve run in a while. It was worth it as we meandered down to the Horseman’s Diner, where we were joined by Sham, who had done her own 10-miler with a friend.

And so it was, a fine, fine adventure. Over three months since running at the Rockies. It was a long winter.