Someone approached me the other day, objecting to one of my posts. I said I’d look into it, did, thought the post too smarmy, and took it down.

People should not have to rely on the fortuity of running into me to make their thoughts about what I write known. I want to set out some rules here, which I’ve tried to apply from day one.

  • I will post any comments people have. I will try to respond, as I have in the past. The exception: comments that are gratuitously cruel about someone else. And if someone views something I post in that light, I will respond, and if appropriate apologize and correct.
  • I will not publish anything sent to me via email without clearing it with the writer. I realize that the “email me” link may not work because it is coded for an old generation of email programs, but my email is joe.jpgarland AT If I get an email, I’ll try to respond.
  • If you disagree with me about something or think that I have my head up my ass, feel free to let me know. I may even agree with you (as I have in the past, see, e.g., posts on triathlons). I may not agree with you but I’ll try to explain why. The objective of this blog is to communicate, in a multi-party medium.
  • Anything I say that is not attributed to anyone else is what I have to say. The idea of a blog is to say what you think — if you’re worried about what others think there’s no point in doing it — but also to defend what you think or, if it’s the right thing, to acknowledge the fact. (Similarly, if my name is not on a post elsewhere (or, sometimes, “RunWestchester”, I did not post it (with one exception several years ago that will not be repeated). If I’m not willing to put my name on something, it’s not worth putting it out there.)