It was as we approached the red farm,, Bobby, Paul, and me. Suddenly to our right we heard a roar. They saw it go down. I only heard it.

It was a cold morning here in Westchester, with a wind chill of 9F in Mount Vernon. But it is the last Sunday of the month. So I got to Sleepy Hollow High School at the stroke of 9, or maybe a moment or too later, and Bobby and Paul were rushing for the shelter of Charlotte’s SUV. Wasting little time pre-run socializing, we headed out, Sham on her own (we’d see her on the trail) and Bobby in shorts since he hasn’t been home in so long that he had nothing long.

For Rockies-enthusiasts, the route we took is a great way to get 9.5 miles in. Nice and flat on the OCA for a couple of miles then a turn down into the Rockies proper, left along 13-Bridges ending in the switch-back climb (at the top of which is a tiny Buddha statute that one of the Rizzos pulled out — Charlotte was there with Meredith and Hilary) down and then a flat stretch before turning up to the Visitor’s Center (a steep hill that, thankfully, is steepest at its bottom), past the Visitor’s Center, up the hill to the northeast of Swan Lake, down to the Lake, past the red farm, under Sleepy Hollow Road, up one final hill, and the final great stretch to the parking lot. Three of the tougher hills at the Rockies, that one after Swan Lake was especially tough on my flatlander’s legs.

This was the first cold day. The sun, though, seemed to warm thing up and enhanced the beauty of the leafless vistas. It is what, or at least a big part of, what this running business is about. Followed by the Hungry Boy breakfast at the Horseman’s Diner down the street. Nothing like basic-diner fare after a run at the Rockies.