It’s a chilly Sunday morning here in New York, overcast. The Marathon, which in these parts is the NYC Marathon, begins this morning.

In the past, I’ve had friends who’ve been eyeing one marathon or another — I described it as Going All-In — and through the wonders of technology found myself thrust into the fandom normally reserved for folks with their names on their bibs I’ve had the one-day-that’ll-be-me sensation.

But having given up on the idea of racing another marathon and not having any friends racing New York this year and perhaps saddled by last year’s experience and a loss of enthusiasm for the pro-field I view today’s race with a some indifference. I see a number of friends are “doing” it but don’t know anyone racing it, except for Brenn, aiming for sub-3.

Sebastian is pacing a 3-hour group. Helen is coming off that sub-3 in Chicago. Steve is kinda rolling out of bed to do it after not having had time to train. Bobby is jumping in to pace a friend near the end (something of which I disapprove). Frank is adding to his amazing collection of races.

I’ll watch it, as I always do, reminiscing about my few trips along the course and the many times I’ve watched before and getting into the excitement of the race

Meanwhile, I still have not run since my fall two weeks back. This is not helping my attitude. Not the bruises, etc., which are pretty well healed, but I strained a back muscle. It was not that big a deal after the fall. It hurt badly, though, the next day and has continued to bother me since. I thought I was over the hump a few days ago, but it’s back. So another of those frustrations. While I didn’t have many running plans coming up, I had wanted to do Steve’s HM in Central Park in early December. We’ll see

I want to mention one of those friends whose prior races I followed. That would be Flo.