I thought of the Loucks 5K yesterday and wondered when it was, thinking I might give it a try. Discovered that it was today. I was planning on a Tempo last night and a long run today, but I figured another race would do me good. So I ran it.

Last time I ran it, in 2010, I did an 18:14. Today it was 19:15. It’s a fairly flat course, with a downhill stretch to a final 500 meters on the White Plains HS track.

I ran hard but under control. There were some crisis moments but it helped to know that the final mile was mostly downhill. So a time not as fast as I’d like. Still I’m pleased in that I raced it and did as well as I think I could have. I got through those bad moments and everything held together.

Per my Garmin, splits were 6:09, 6:24, 5:53, 5:30 (pace) (Garmin has 3.15 miles at 6:07 pace.)

In my last report, I mentioned the Litchfield race, on June 9. It turns out that there’s a 10K at the Rockies on June 8. I did it in its first year. It starts and finishes at Rockwood Hall. I’m torn about whether to to that instead of Litchfield.