My firm is closed for Jewish holidays, and Monday and Tuesday are the final days of Passover. So I was free to do some running.

On Monday, after a solid week-end (including 1:05 with members of VCTC), I decided to venture out to Twin Lakes for some speed. I have not done anything speed-related in many a month. Many.

Twin Lakes is about 1.67 miles around. It’s a nice trail, with a couple of slight hills and a tough finishing incline. At tempo pace it should take me about 10 minutes per loop. So I thought I’d do a couple of tempo loops.

Of course jumping into speed is fraught with peril. Garmin in place, I died after about 1/2 a mile. Now latter in a season this would trouble. Right out of the box, though,  I pretty well knew my target work-out would not be reached. So I struggled to make it across the new dam. Once across that, I’d have exactly a mile. Somehow I made it. A walk/jog back and I did it all over again, and died again. But I struggled to get over the dam, and did.

The pace was about 6:35 on the first, 6:25 on the second. I was spent. I was happy.

Starting speed-work is a Rubicon-crossing of sorts. I’ve started down that road, I think/hope.  I don’t know why. I’m content to schlep along, striving to get in an hour at the Rockies once in a while. Still. Sometimes contentment isn’t enough.