It has been a while since I’ve posted anything of substance (apart from my poem, set to music and played at the end of The New York Running Show episode). As Brenn and I discussed in last week’s NY Running Show episode, there comes a point in blogging when one tires of writing the same basic thing again and again, let alone reading it again. And many of my favorite bloggers have significantly lessened their outputs, as others things have beckoned.

I do have an other thing. I’ve played the guitar off-and-on since college and more recently did some things on the piano. But as to the latter, I was not good enough to play rock with anything but the most pedestrian chord-banging. Then a serendipitous stop with the wife at an estate sale in Connecticut and a re-issued, rarely played 1963 Gibson Les Paul put me back on the guitar track.

Jazz BassCombine that with a electric bass I bought years ago at a yard sale in Mamaroneck for $25 and I ended up buying a used Fender Jazz Bass and have taken to playing that, and have done it with people several times. I’ve done a few meet-ups for acoustics, but the songs there tend to be more folk-rocky than I prefer. Plus I cannot sing.

So I’m practicing my blues bass and putting things on YouTube and playing along (although forget trying to do that with The Who (who happen to be playing on YouTube as I write). One of the tricks with the bass is finding a space between simply keeping time and playing the root on each first beat and pushing too hard to compete with everyone else. And I took that $25 bass and put a fretless neck on it. I really can’t play it, but it’s fun to mess with.

I have been running too. I had a bit of the flu after Christmas. It was never debilitating but there were bad spells and it lasted a full three weeks. That led to one of those do-I-hang-it-up stretches, but I decided not to. While with the weather and my work schedule I’m doing a chunk on the treadmill, I am also feeling good out on the roads, and on the trail when I have the chance to.

As to trails, I’ve re-worked WestchesterTrails. Much as I was proud of my coding, however primitive, it began to fall apart so I moved it to WordPress. It means a tremendous amount to me to get feed-back from people who have used the site and found it helpful.

As to running, no plans specifically. There are a few races that I have in the back of my mind as possibles, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I once went to a party in which one of these guys led the dance band: