I wish it’d be done with. I have a series of delightful runs, some hard, some easy, in which I am fast, effortlessly fast. Then a little thing pops up and I miss a couple of days. Repeat.

I haven’t posted because I’ve been in this yes/no phase. Most recently it was a funny ache in the left leg above the knee. Never had it before. Few days off, a couple of runs cut short, and now running again. Today’s was relaxed and easy and just under 7 minute pace for 5. And I fear getting my hopes up. I should slow it all down to build the miles, but I find myself “racing” myself. The Garmin is supposed to be a speed-regulator but it too often is a speed-enhancer. Maybe if I didn’t have these days slip in I could move on. Maybe.

My hamstring is a tad sore now. Didn’t bother me during my recent runs, but throbs slightly about an hour afterward. It doesn’t particularly concern me although maybe it’ll blow up one of these days and I’ll be rid of these to-be-or-not-to-be a runner internal soliloquies that older runners are heir to.