I had a good run today. From home and after a mile and a quarter, I’m on the Nature Study Trail. Although there’s is construction where it connects with Twin Lakes Trail, the gates are open. Can’t go around the lake, which is among my favorite things, I could go to the northern reach of the trail on the west side and then turn and head back. (The photo at the top of the page is just past where the construction is being performed. The tree/shrub on the right side of the photo is now gone. The lake is now empty.)

I used my Garmin to slow it down. And it worked. Just over 8 miles — 8.15.

There was a slight, very slight, chance that’d I’d run into the BRC-group. I don’t run with it except at the Rockies because it’s a bit loose with road-etiquette and I don’t feel safe. I did enjoy those runs. And I did run into the three who were in this morning’s run, in Twin Lakes.

I’ve not raced in a while. Tuckahoe is next Sunday, so I plan on “doing” that. It’s where my knee went out in 2011. I plan on taking both the 1 and the 5 as “hard efforts”. Given my struggles in my last race, the Bronxville 2.5 on Memorial Day week-end, I’m not looking forward to covering the full five miles. A number of folks I know are doing it, so it’s a good place to pin a number on and go.

My lack of racing has been noticed at Warren Street. So I quit. Going forward, I’m likely to join VCTC. I know and like a number of its members, many of whom, unlike Warren Street, are up here in Westchester. It’s not that I’m aspiring to do anything spectacular racing-wise. But it makes more sense than the City-oriented WSSAC. A few years back I ran with them often on Saturday mornings, with Paul T. coming down from Peekskill. But they got too fast for me (or I got too slow for them), and I’ve been on the periphery for a while. One step at a time. I’m just hoping to get in some solid efforts in Westchester — Tuckahoe, Sleepy Hollow, Mamaroneck, Bronxville. Plus Steve’s Ekiden in December.