It has been a while. Lest people think me dead I figured I’d have to post something.

Up-and-down running-wise but I’ve had a nice few recent runs. Wearing my Garmin to keep things in check, I feel fairly relaxed. My plan is to run the Tuckahoe Challenge in early September. Thinking of that race, though, reminds me of last year. In August I strung together a series of high-quality track workouts — including a 10K tempo and a solid interval stuff — when my knew went out early in the Tuckahoe Mile. This memory saddens me. Since I can’t imagine duplicating it.

I can be on the cusp of just giving up on it. I must remind myself that running is part of who I am and use that as my motivation.

On the Olympics front, not much to say. I did not watch much, essentially just the distance stuff. I did get myself into a bit of a bother with NYRR. It had posted on Facebook that a number of its staff were in London. Someone criticized this as yet another junket. I posted on NYRR’s Facebook-page a query as to whether NYRR was paying for these staffers. After this was ignored I posted it again. I was told that one of them was paying his own way, from which I inferred that NYRR was paying for the others. The post was promptly deleted. Mysteriously, though, while I couldn’t see it, I got a couple of comments.

I’m no longer a member of NYRR so it’s not an issue for me. I don’t know why members should pay for Mary Wittenberg’s hotel room though.

Some people attempted recently to get NYRR to manage its Facebook page better, presumably not to include deleting uncomplimentary things (the posting of which does not violate the rules-of-use (I checked)), by stopping people from posting inane stuff, such as the guy who posts “Hello NYRR. How are you today? I ran 12 miles today?” everyday. NYRR, fearful of offending anyone, declined. The page, which could have been of use, has essentially died.

This raises the question of how to get an active board for sharing. LetsRun has managed to make it, but tried without success. Someone tried a New York Running Society page on Facebook but that died too. One would think that there is a desire to have such a communal board, including for hooking up for runs (I tried that for runs at the Rockies but got no response), but it doesn’t happen.

Which is one reason why I send a monthly email to people about the last-Sunday-of-the-month Rockies run. I fear that I’m pissing people off but I am just trying to inform.

Two non-running items

I’m old. David Weigel just complete a five-part series on Progressive Rock. As a 15 year-old, I saw Yes at Gaelic Park in the Bronx. I recall the year (1972) because I bought a George McGovern shirt there. I was one of the many described in the series, listening to WNEW-FM and playing “Fragile” until the grooves were threatened. There was lots of other music I listened to at the time; Bruce’s “Sandy” got frequent play in that era.

I’ve been exploring Blues recently. the series notes the distinction between those bands that looked to American Blues as a base of inspiration — at the White House earlier this year Mick Jagger spoke of early trips to Chicago and being told by a Blues musician, “Those English guys want to play the Blues bad and they play the Blues bad” — and those that looked to Europe and the classical tradition. The latter grew into the Prog Rock bands, Yes, ELP, King Crimson, etc. My friend Al Bixler put on a concert in Iona Prep’s gym, must have been 1974 or 1975, with Renaissance.

If you think back fondly of those days, it’s a very nice series. And the songs are available on YouTube. (Because I’ve just gotten a used Fender Jazz Bass, I’m aiming to play this.)

On a completely different front, I found myself in a political thread on someone’s Facebook page. I was taken aback by the level of hate for Obama. Several people exposed themselves as birthers — which I find either dishonest or ignorant — and there were comments that displayed a lack of sophistication or thought that I found frightening. Fortunately some of those who began by mouthing simplistic ad hominems against Obama stepped back when called on it and reverted to reasoned discourse, even if I disagreed. There was one guy, though, that was callous and bitter and, in the end, rather sad. I assume there are his kind on the left too. Encountering someone seemingly incapable of reason (with, as I say, a shocking callousness that called to mind Scrooge’s famous “Are there no prisons?” line and evoked a world described in many a Dickens novel, a world I didn’t think anyone would want to revive, right or left) was frighteningly telling. Including that those spewing vitriol are sad.

Speaking of Facebook, my old friend Pete Gambacinni, who works (I think) at Runner’s World and ran against me in the old days (he for CPTC) has been posting regular videos. It will go down as a classic. I can’t embed it, but worth the click.