On tonight’s New York Runing Show we spoke of a bunch of things. I also put up a number of links, including to some quality interviews. So this is cut-and-pasted from that page:

I commented on a Times article on the adidas meet that was nearly completely about Oscar Pistorius. I expressed the view that he should not be running, and here are some links to the Science of Sport series that pretty convincingly establishes that Pistorius has an unfair advantage:

On The Radio

Not really. But good for your MP3 player (I avoid references to Apple products whenever possible but these can be downloaded through (not at) iTunes.)

Brenn mentioned MarathonTalk.com. Here’s the Shorter interview. (As to the 1972 marathon, Kenny Moore’s “The Long Blue Line: A Rerun” opens his book “Best Efforts”. It is one of the best bits of running journalism you’ll ever read.)

Competitor Radio has great interviews. Here are some recent ones: