This is a strange race. It is the most community-oriented one (with its fall counterpart) I’ve been in. (Fall 2011, Spring 2010.)

Essentially it seems that every kid in the village shows up so that all of these little tykes spread across the front of the start. The starter says “10 seconds”, the horn goes, and off we go as well. The kids sprint for about 30 yards and fade and we start to weave through them. It was a hot one (Bobby won it about a minute slower than last year) and I knew almost immediately that this was not a race to push (as if I could). But so many kids.

The course itself I know well, running parts of it all the time. Some nastier-than-you’d-like early hills and then one steepish downhill. A quick swing into Tuckahoe, at the bottom of the hill where I grew up, and then a stretch to the finish on the track. And then a long flow of all these kids finishing, each receiving (unlike us adults) a medal.

I struggled. Blame it on the heat/humidity and my complete lack of speedwork. I did a 1600 tempo last Friday and that’s pretty much it. So I was happy that it wasn’t a 5K.

They start ’em running young in Bronxville. The top woman was on the track team as were a number of other finishers, and a local celebrity took first in 40-49 (although I think she was beaten by her daughter who’s on the team). I was beaten by someone in the 11-12 age group, who opened up on me in the final 1/2 mile.