One quick comment on the Mary Cain situation. She ran the fastest mile ever by a sophomore, at the Penn Relays, a 4:39 or so. That she didn’t run a relay says a lot. The Rubicon has been crossed — an overture from one of her erstwhile teammates indoors being rejected. I may have been harsh on her new coaches, but they seem to be making the best of a bad situation.

The girls team seems to have moved on. They will continue Bronxville’s tradition of excellent 4 X 8s, perhaps not challenging the national record but it’ll still be an excellent team. Cain will blow the doors off the joint. She won’t do it with the participation or support of a team. Too bad.

Jenny B

Meanwhile there’s a new video about Jenny B (Jenny Simpson to newcomers). One fascinating detail is buried in it. It’s about dressage. I knew she loved horses growing up, but I didn’t know of her traumatic experience in that sport. She seems to have handled the transition to being a pro well, and particularly as one of few New Balance elites having the spotlight always on, after a bit of a post-collegiate challenge.