My friend Flo posted a reminder on Facebook about a movie that available on-line until April 29 as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. It is “Town of Runners“. (Website.) I thought of writing a review, but I think it better to just tell people to watch it. It focuses on two girls, one 14 (Hawii Megersa), the other 15 (Alemi Tsegaye) when filming begins in 2009, in Bekoji, Ethiopia, birthplace of many a fast runner. There was a Guardian article on it. There are four main characters. In addition to the girls there’s Senteyehu Eshetu, the local coach, and Biruk Fikadu, the kid watching things go by at the general store/kiosk (he’s the guy speaking at the beginning of the trailer).

It’s about a lot more than running. You can watch at the Tribeca FF site:

Town of Runners

You may have noticed the Facebook reference up top. After missing out completely on stuff that was happening to someone in whom I’m interested, I returned, but trimmed those whose updates I follow. And I’ve avoiding delving into certain pages.

Also, I posted recently about Rufus King. The Times has a video on his house today. Although you can’t see it in my earlier video, the house is on the southern side of the park.