I’ve mentioned him a few times and have run with him more often. On April 15, I was able to get Bobby Papazian on the New York Running Show. The topic was managing a running store. Bobby’s the manager of the Bronxville Running Company, which pretty much fits what I’d like to see in a running store. We forgot to mention it, but the place has a lending library. People bring in running books and others borrow them. There’s no “Daniel’s Running Formula” there because those of us who have copies won’t give them up, but I will say on the list of the most frequent topics during our runs is DRF. Bobby hates it (having been brought up on it in high school) and we’re always happy to bring newbies into the debate.

Anyhow, it was a good show. I hoped we could get 20 minutes worth but we clocked in at 58+. With Steve and Amy.

Talking Stores with Bobby P