Typical crazy March weather here in New York. Tuesday morning and I was out in layers and quite comfortable. Thursday afternoon and it had hit 70 and as always happens on the first warm day of the year I blew up. About 3.75 miles or so before I had to stop. Friday night, temp in low 40s and may laps-of-the-track Friday run.

This goes under the Hutch. Today's turn-around was on the far end.

Today, high 30s and I ventured to Nature Study Trail. I don’t know why I don’t run there more often. Out the door and on the trail within 10 minutes. Part of it is the final 1.25 or so is a bit uphill on the roads. Part of it is that I’m so used to running up the Bronx River Parkway (paved) path.

Each time I’m on this trail I remember how nice it is. The photo on the top of this blog is taken just where Nature Study Trail meets Twin Lakes, and I turned around shortly before that point. And with the mild winter it is in excellent shape. You have the occasional rock sticking up like a Caddy at the Cadillac Ranch but they’re big and easily negotiated. The surface itself is as good as I’ve known it. No leaves yet so you can see the gray trees quite well and the place seems so much more open than it will in just a few weeks. (That photo’s from a while ago.)

Trails are not just for the kumbaya crowd, and this one frequently sees the Iona College boys. No horses today though.

It seems I’ve lost the I’m-injured excuse so I must now get my butt in gear. I’m at the stage where I schlep and schlep on most days, today included, but then a nice relaxed quick one pops up, making me think (believe?) things’ll come around.

My friend Flo put up a review of “Ten-Minute Toughness“, which she calls “da bomb”. Seems worth a look.