It rained today. When I got to the Bronxville track a bit before 6, it was drizzly, but no more. The track has one spot where there’s a floodlight, at the head of the homestretch, but it is otherwise dark. I got there early enough that there was still light, although it faded and was nearly gone by run’s end.

The run. This is a status report. After Sunday’s mile, I got in two on Monday, 3 on Wednesday, 4 tonight. These were all struggles, not because of the knee. Because of the pace, since I am enough of a child to get overexcited after a lay-off and go  hard. It’s kind of fun. And tonight, clockwise loops (the left knee’s the troublesome one) and not another soul, or sole, to be seen. (As an aside, I’d been warned that Brooks Pure Flows can be slippery in the wet. I was a tad cautious with them at first, but had no problems at all with the wet, even going through the slight puddles sprinkled about.)

And if you do the National Anthem before a NYRR race, the word is “o’er”, as in: