Once again Bob Babbit has a first-class interview, this time with Desiree Davila.

Bob Babbit Interviews Desiree Davila

In a sense her improvement, from so-so to OT favorite (and runner-up), is amazing. Good stuff. One idea suggested is the difference between, say, Boston and the OT. In the latter, first, second, third don’t matter. In the former, it sure does. Watching the OT race and knowing about it beforehand everyone knew that Davila had a very good shot of making the team (I had it as Davila, Flanagan, and Kastor and thought that only the third person (not necessarily the third spot) was in play).

But we saw how tough she is from Boston 2011, with her typically Hanson strong, even tempo. Unlike the recent Babbit-Ryan Hall interview, however, we got no hint of her Olympic strategy. (Hall, you’ll recall, makes it clear that he’s going out with the pack because there’s no way that all of the guys who are in it will fall away and be subject to picking off.) There’s plenty of time to talk about the strategy for that race. Davila does volunteer when asked about the London course that she takes the courses as they come and tries to make them work for her.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a video my wife took of our George accompanying Andrea Bocelli.