A while ago I expressed my yearning to have an Ekiden in Central Park, channeling the enthusiasm of the joy in such an adventure from Ernie Banks.

New York City Ekiden entry

I have the benefit of knowing NYCRuns‘ Steve Lastoe, and this worked out well on this front too.  He got a date in Central Park for a race and decided to “do an Ekiden”. I spoke to him a few times about it, and we hope it will expand. For now, We Have Us An Ekiden (albeit only 4-persons this year). The course will start and finish at what was Tavern on the Green and is the following clockwise loops:

  • 2 Lower Loops (3.4 miles).
  • Five-Mile Loop (5).
  • Full Loop (6).
  • 1 Lower Loop (1.7).

Basic. four-persons/four-legs. (There’s also a 2-person option.)

The downside is the date: February 26. Not so pleasant to be waiting around for teammates when it’s chilly (and let’s hope for no snow). Now this is a week before the first NYRR Club race, i.e., Coogan’s. But I hope that people can handle racing twice in, what?, seven days?

BUT: Did I mention? We Got Us An Ekiden. Not Just Another Race in the Park.

Here’s a video from the 1988 Ekiden put on by NYRRC: