I don’t mean to be so lazy and have two interview in a row, but I wanted to put up this one with Andy Hampsten. If you’re a cyclist, or at least an old cyclist, you know who Hampsten is. He was one of my favorites (a Lemond teammate in 1986 (he talks about that)), and remains the only American to win the Giro. (Photo credit unknown.) Also, reference is made to “Slaying the Badger“, by Richard Moore, about the 1986 Tour (Hinault is the “badger”), which is being released in June. (Excerpt.) It’s interesting to hear someone who was there saying he learned a lot about what was going on from the book.

Here’s another great interview with Bob Babbit of Competitor Radio, this time with Paul Huddle as well. Good stuff:

Interview with Andy Hampsten

If you’re curious about the Giro Gavia stage in 1988, here’s a video:

Bonus credit: The Passo Gavia is almost exactly 41K, as the crow flies, from where my great great grandfather Guido grew up.