It’s an unusual race distance to be sure, but it derives from what was a 2-lap 5 miler so there you have it.

Each year Bronxville has two of them. The Kearney 2.5 on Memorial Day week-end, about which I wrote in 2010. And the Katie Welling on Thanksgiving week-end. Named for a Bronxville HS grad who died in an off-campus fire in 2005 at the University of Miami in Ohio, it is a fund-raiser for the Bronxville School Foundation. Since a goodly number of the field walks the course, many carrying coffee and walking dogs or pushing strollers, oneyou wonder whether you’ll be out of place in a racing singlet. But some fast locals show up. I knew that Josh Hibbs of the Bronxville Running Company, and an Iona grad, was gunning for the 12:12 record Bobby P set in the Kearney earlier this year and I figured that other guys I know from the BRC would be there and I was right.

First, I’ll note that Josh did beat Bobby’s record with a 12:08. He actually found himself ahead of the lead vehicle in the first quarter mile and was never caught by it or anyone. That’s him next to me at the start, with Fernando in red a bit over.

I quickly lost sight of him. It is a fun race with lots of kids racing out, and I found myself passed by lots of folks early on. I am, though, familiar with these roads, and I got comfortable and after the first half spent the duration passing.

As we entered Tuckahoe, briefly, I had passed my last and headed for home. that last was the same “Joe” to whom I referred in my Kearney report, and he would capture the 12-and-under title. The race finishes on the B’ville track, but it has a nice stretch before getting there, with a well-marked “2 Miles” notation on the street.

And so I finished, feeling good. My time was a good deal slower than at the 2010 Kearney (15:21 vs. high 14s). the downhills, though, gave me a bit of trouble. There are a couple of steepish ones, and my left hamstring was sore afterward and during this morning’s run. A little concern there.

Welling Run

I then got to chat with a number of folks, including my ortho’s wife Charlotte and her daughter Hillary, the latter an eighth-grader who moved up to the B’ville varsity at season’s end, and scored for it. Several others I know from the BRC.

It is a bit disconcerting that in the race photos, I again see myself as a heel-striker of major proportions. In my flats, which have a 5mm heel-to-toe drop. I have gotten a pair of Brooks Pure Flows, which is part of a new line with a 4mm drop. I’ve been transitioning into them. So far so good. Next up: The NYRR 5-Miler on Sunday, the last club race. I don’t know how many NYRR races I’ll do next year. I don’t know that I’ll be contributing much to the club, and finding myself slipping further and further toward the back (and more importantly into the more dense racing room). Instead my thinking is to focus on Westchester races in 2011, and train for shorter stuff, maybe even a track race here or there. Who knows?