I ran as hard as I could and as fast as I could. I want to get that out of the way. In the end it was harder than it was faster, but it was what it was.

Last year I complained about the Mamaroneck Turkey Trot being down-graded to a 5K. For decades it had been a five-miler, and it was one of my favorite Westchester races, one I’d done more than any other over the years.

I was determined to do this 5K this year. But recent weeks have found me with a sore groin, occasional bank pain, and an off-and-on ache in my right foot. I’d not run fast in weeks. I have, though, been running pretty relaxed otherwise, including a bit over an hour last Sunday and my Friday 20-laps-on-the-track run.

It was beautiful this morning. A bit of a chill, but not cold. Warmish more than anything. I was surprised to see few people I know. My old club, Sound Shore, is a sponsor, yet not an SSRMC singlet was to be seen. Mark T. was racing, but he was in all-black. Gregg was working, and he begged off running after having some knee work done. Eric was there as the sacrificial turkey, offering free entry into his Paine-to-Pain to those who finished just ahead and just behind him.

There was a kids’ mile, which got off a bit late. The 5K, scheduled for a relaxed 10:15 departure, set off about five minutes late. COURSE. The course is pretty flat, as it’s right by the Sound Although you never notice that. The first half and most of the final half are along Route 1 (Boston Post Road) and that is nice and flat. I ended up running pretty even splits, a bit under 6 for mile 1, and a bit over for the balance. My time was 18:51. I don’t know how precise the course is, but from GMaps-Pedometer it comes in at a bit over 3.2.

Yet further evidence of the need for speed. I was concerned that my aches would appear. They did not. So it was good.

I did a bit of a post-race run with the women’s winner, Katie M. I met her years back at the short-lived Saints Peter and Paul 5K in Larchmont, a fine race around Halloween that included a bit of the Leatherstocking Trail, but which only lasted a couple of years. It was fun to chat with her, and with Mark T, who joined us.

Nest up: Katie Welling Memorial 2.5 mile, Bronxville, on Saturday, followed by the NYRR Five-Miler the following week-end.

I did a quick video before the race. It was not as dark as the video makes it appear, and by race-time the sun was out and the sky was clear. I didn’t have much to say about it, so I did not to one after.