Yesterday I posted a video I took of the Atlantic from Amagansett. Amagansett (which may be the most pleasant town name to say) is the end of the Hamptons. There is a break as one heads east before reaching Montauk, famously referred to as “The End” (and site of the Rolling Stones’ “Memory Motel“).

If one were to view Amagansett and its neighbor East Hampton as 4 on a clock and Southampton as 8, Sag Harbor would be at 12. It’s part in the town of Southampton and partially in the town of East Hampton, but it is far different. It was a great whaling town. Today it stands as the anti-Hamptons. It’s the upper west side in contrast to the upper east. Lots of dogs in town.

The following video I took this morning. It’s at the east end of town. The bridge across the bay was my running route this morning, and if one heads out over it one ends up at the ferry to Shelter Island. The bridge is now named for Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, USMC, who was KIA in Iraq and who grew up in Sag.

Yes, I did a run this morning. I have some kind of knot in my quad. I figured I could run with it, and so this morning I tried. It hurt early, but then became a bit of a dull pain, which was fine and did not hinder my movement. So I decided to go for 30 minutes, and that’s what I did. It was good. As I say, I ran across the bridge.