I don’t want folks to think that I don’t appreciate the comments in the Eureka post or that I’ve not taken that post to heart. I do and I have.

I said that I pulled down my Daniels’ Running Formula. After that 3 X 7 lap tempo run, I had two more speed sessions, both based on the 5K to 15K training. Details in the diary, but a hot, sunny Interval session on Saturday and a quite enjoyable Interval session on Tuesday night. As I posted on Facebook, it’s amazing how much easier a workout is when you go at the correct pace, “easier” of course being relative.

That latter workout was 1200s. Five of them. It’s a workout I hate and about which I spend much of the day ruing. But by keeping things at a manageable pace, according to the Formula, I found them “easy”. They were physically tough, but by keeping things under control I felt fast and relaxed. And the contrast with the prior week, in which I did 4 X 1000 at the same pace. As I said after that, that 4 X 1000 wasn’t one to crow about.

With a fair chunk of confidence, then, I was looking forward to Saturday’s Percy Sutton 5K, a rare NYRR 5K and a club race. Alas, on Friday afternoon the City pulled all event-permits because of Hurricane Irene, and the race was a no-go. This was not much of a surprise given the storm’s approach, but it would have been fun to do the race. Instead, I ended up doing 1:22 trying, again, to keep the pace at the appropriate level. Saturday morning was humid, and my shoes have yet to dry. It was another solid effort.

Which leaves me . . .? The next race will be in two weeks. The Tuckahoe Challenge. A one-mile and a five-mile. My hometown, and one of my favorites.

As to Hurricane Irene, she came and she went. But no run on Sunday because of the wind. I don’t object to running in the wind. The concern, though, is for falling tree limbs. We had a bunch on our block and I didn’t feel like getting bopped on the head. It seemed that it would diminish but it picked up again at about 3. So at 4 I got myself a Scotch and “opened” (it’s an e-book) “Mansfield Park”. And figured I’d update the blog.