I have a pair of New Balance trail Minimi, the MT10. Showed a video of them once. Until the other day, I had no problems with them. 1:17 at the Rockies? Fine. On Friday, 4 laps of Twin Lakes — that’s between 6 and 6.25 — and I was good. Now and then the sole of my right foot gets achy, but it moves around and is more a problem when I walk, and then only briefly.

I hate to say it but these shoes increase the fun-quotient on trails. I like my shoes tight, and these are. I always wear socks, but not with these, and I’ve had no problems with stuff getting into the shoe.

On Saturday, though, my plan was 8 laps of Twin Lakes. The logic of doing that instead of a longer loop? It’s a nice stand-alone trail, with one very short hill and a slight incline to the finish. A very nice surface. I park right off the course and put a water bottle on the car. If I need to, I can make a quick stop to get water. Plus I have a brain that enjoys rhythmic running.

So 8 laps it was to be.

It was not to be. Early on I stepped on a rock. I thought little of it at the time. I felt good, but shortly after I started lap 5, it began to hurt. About half-way through, it was bad enough that continuation was futile. I stopped and walked back to the car, with the ache getting worse as I went.

I took some aspirin and applied some ice. It ached on Sunday morning. That decreased as the day wore on. I didn’t dare risk it later in the day.

On Monday, I jogged to the track and it was fine for five miles. The pace was good. Tonight I have intervals planned. Thanks to Flo — who pointed out that 400s won’t cut it in marathon training — I’m not going to be a wuss and will be doing 1000s. She will be cursed. There is trepidation. How will the foot hold out? We’ll see.

Edited to add: Well we saw. Jog down to the track and a few laps around. 4 X 1000, 90 second interval. Goal pace: 3:40. Result: 3:36, 3:35. 3:34, 3:36. They were pretty easy. I thought of adding one, but my foot started to ache at about 500 of the fourth one, so the better part of discretion was to stop after that one and walk home.