I’ve been running pretty consistently but without a particular focus as I back-and-forth on racing NY. As I mentioned to Flo at the brunch with Ewen — and as I discussed with her when I had a like debate in 2010 — I don’t know whether I want to go through what’s necessary. And I sure haven’t been acting as if I did.

I’ve been trying to do one speed session a week — 10 2-minute 400s on Tuesday (80 (actually a bit more) with 40 seconds rest, the beauty of the latter being I don’t have time to think much before I must start the next) — and see what happens on the week-end. Saturday was 11, and while a struggle it felt pretty good. Saw Jonathan S on the way home. Sunday was at the Rockies for a bit over 10 in 1:07 with Bronxville and Greenwich Running Company folks, with three major climbs. Surely a love/hate kind of place.

Friday I did my typical run-at-Twin-Lakes. For a while. Thunder appeared. I stopped. I then used my new Android phone and took the following:

On Sunday, I walked into Bronxville, and increasingly enamored with my new toy shot this on the Bronxville Track (where Julie and Jonathan also run):